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Who is it for?

etterem Restaurants etterem Bars etterem Clubs etterem Accomodations etterem Markets
etterem Gyms etterem Cafés etterem Exposures etterem Education etterem Conferences
etterem Restaurants etterem Bars
etterem Clubs etterem Accomodations
etterem Markets etterem Gyms
etterem Cafés etterem Exposures
etterem Education etterem Conferences

Get to know your customers, make them your frequneters!

Would you like your customers to come back and be your frequenters but you have no idea how to reach them after leaving your establishment? You are at th ebest place. We have a solution. Let your customers be returning and committed guests who listen to your offers.

Usually it is:

In order to increase guest satisfaction restaurants and other entertainment complexes offer free wireless internet connection. Access to the network is usually provided with a simple password. The guest enters the password and uses the network.

What is new:

Now we offer a system for you where instead of a password guests can authorise themselves by their personal contacts (such as e-mail address or Facebook account). Moreover the system checks the specified contact thus your database will be loaded with fully functional contact information. The data collected this way can then be used for target marketing purposes. Since e-mail addresses and other contact information were registered in your system, you can be sure that customers will be interested in your specific offers. From there on the final frontier is the imagination of your marketing team. We hope that with our help they can reach the stars.

What kind of data can be collected?

E-mail addresses, public Facebook account information, used languages, age, gender, device location and other device information. Furthermore Google analytics data such as used platform, nationality and other demographic data sets.

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The guest connects to the wifi network

Connecting to the WiFi is a single click. Let it be mobile phone, tablet or a laptop.

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After connection is established…


a splash page tailored to the image of the company appears. There are multitude of things that can be used to log in such as e-mail address or Facebook login. Furthermore you can place advertisments or promotional material on the splash page.

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And it’s done! Your guest can enjoy surfing the web.


As a landing page (the starting page) we can set your company’s page or Facebook profile, or as an alternative we can redirect the user to a page that is important to you.

In case of e-mail login the user will receive an e-mail to the given address in which they have to confirm their identity with a single tap on the link. This guarantees that the collected e-mail addresses are all valid ones.

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Strengthening your frequenters

You can use the collected e-mail addresses to widen the array of frequenters, notify customers about sales and limited offers or to measure customer satisfaction. All this with a few clicks, on a user friendly cloud powered page.

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Further advantages

However the main advantage of the system is that you get valuable information about your customers, there is a surprising amount of extra functionalities coming along a Cisco Meraki device:

  • easy to separate guest and business networks
    • With separate WiFi names you can have up to 16 networks in parallel.
  • built in heatmap
    • You can follow guest’s movement for example to know which room they are in, or which site has the most crowded area.
  • bandwith restriction by client
    • You can scale the bandwith one by one on client devices in order not to overload your network.
  • application layer traffic control / content filtering
    • You can block applications or page accesses for example to protect children from harmful websites.
  • cloud based location analytics for cumulated device data
    • Detailed statistics about detected devices broken down by hours.
  • continuous development, expanding services
    • Cisco Meraki is constantly expanding its range of software abilities.
    • The Wime+ team is also working continuously on development, taking your needs into account.
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What is Meraki?

Meraki is Cisco’s collective name for cloud managed assets. This is an innovative product group where managing, monitoring and configuring devices doesn’t need direct network access or specific training. You don’t need specific software (only an everyday web browser) or engineer level experience in networking. The only thing you need is a browser and you are ready to easily change settings or monitor your Meraki device. Cisco Meraki

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How much does it cost?

The service is available from as low as $8.99 per month.

We gladly help you in building the infrastructure in case you wouldn’t have an existing WiFi network and/or firewall device.

Would you like an exact offer, or have further questions? Please contact us!


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